gray friday

gray friday, the theme of Jogja now on..

sand rain happened last night and now it's change to be ash rain..

Mount Merapi is sick. it throw up over and over and it bigger than ever until the date that we can't expected..

and i just sit down in here, cry and pray..

before i sit here, i was in kitchen helping my mom cook for them who need foods and i start crying there..

and now, i still cry, thinking about my life, thinking about the chance of life in a ratio 50:50..

and now, i still cry, thinking about my life if i separated with peoples who i loved..

and now, i really wanna cry but i can't, he calm me down, make me better, Mr. wise man (sometimes) who will go home soon..

i love you, dad, mom, mas irfan, faiz, and all my family..

i love you, my polar bear and all my friends..

i love you, Jogja..

Mount Merapi, be calm soon, please..


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  1. :)


  2. iyaaaa dan aku lupa i love all my friends too!! :D