Day 5- A picture of something you’d like to do again

with Mom, in circuit of Nascar

that's it! A picture that represent my longing. 
I wanna go to America again! >.<
not only Florida but I wanna explore much much much and much more! :D 

firstly, sorry I show you my picture without hijab but that was me in the past, when I was in the early year of 3rd grade in Junior high school. 

the memories of holiday trip in Florida by my big aunt and my big uncle never leave my head.

that was my first time going somewhere by plane like my wish (I wished I going somewhere with plane for the first time is going abroad and it became true!). that was my first time being airsick because of the food. that was my first time going to the light house, Ripley's Believe It or Not, traditional market, beach party (I forget what's the name), Palm beach, Alligator Farm, Walmart (haha), Walgreen, Disney World. 

my really first time got a view of Nasa's rocket launch, 4th July with the really super duper firework party!, super duper great carnaval of Disney's character plus the firework party! xD

everything's new, of course!

and there still much much more thing really much to tell but not enough here and really, I wanna go there again!

and I think that this memory is the biggest memory that make me wanna go around the world, because it's really great and amazing being somewhere new with everything new! :D

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