The Travelling Kitty

I found The Travelling Kitty on instagram when I were searched about cat~
It's really interesting to see around the pictures of cats and I were amazed with that  instagram.

This is some pictures from the account:

It is amazing, right?
I still amazed till now on, it is a real traveler cat! His name is Pikachu and his owner is Ted. I'm searching about them right now and found it on a website: 

That's really cool! 

This is the biography about them:
With a passion for fitness, adventure, producing videos and a concern for animals, Ted's idea of biking across North America seemed a natural fit. Travel has always been part of his life: Ted was born in Germany, and moved almost every year of his childhood.
His first cross-country bike tour abruptly ended by lightning striking him mid-way through the trip. Instead of ending his passion for biking, he recovered and renewed his resolve. 
Ted's survival gave more soul searching as to why he originally wanted to make the trip. Instead of launching a personal journey, Ted decided to integrate it with his work with the SPCA: promoting local low-cost spay/neuter programs, as well as shelter pet adoption awareness. 
Pikachu was happy to come along for the ride. He and Ted are best friends. As Pikachu and Ted bike across the country They are meeting people who work tirelessly to help animals, Ted sees firsthand the real needs in each community. Pika is just one SPCA kitten, but he is an ambassador for all animals who are dropped off at local shelters daily.Keep watching as the journey unfolds... 
It's so interesting~
Pikachu is a really good partner and it is so fun watching him go around accompanying his friend with no doubt and He is a really adaptive cat!

Fighting you both! It's really envy look you both really close to each other, haha.

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