my best friends #1

I remember how I met this girl and how we get so close, but I have to tell you first, her name is Yeni Fitriah. one of my best friends since 2 years ago. I met her in the 11th grade and we get closer since that time in the Arabic class because we become in one desk and intuitively we have a boyfriend (at that time) with the same nickname and the other things that nearly equal, haha. but I won't to tell you here cos it's kinda private :p

she's really nice, she's smart, she's beautiful, she's lovable, she's friendly, she's amazing, she's a strong girl, she is she.

we both love sport, love art (I'm on design and photography, she's on dance), our house is near about 15 minutes to go (trust me, this is not far, haha), we do love culinary, we followed the wall climbing competition when in high school, and what's else? idk, there's too much to say and remember.

and the main difference between me and her is I'm a cry baby and she's a strong girl. but, you may know that, once I made she cried. that's so funny to remember because at that time she's might be cry because she broke up but she didn't. she cried because of me, she cried because I worried about her. but not because I'm a cry baby then she more often give me advices or made me calm down, we both do that for each other. we do share a lot of things and we share our thought about everything.

from all that stuff, idk why that when she sad or when she got a bad things, I can feel it, strongly sometimes. like when she broke up, I know before she told me and 3 days ago started from Sunday night, I had a nightmare, twice, that I'll be have an accident, when I want to tell about it to my friends, I remember somebody told me that if you have nightmare, don't tell anyone, so, I keep in silence. but my heart beating faster yesterday like there'll be something not good happened and that's true. she told me that she was got an accident :(

I'm really sad about that, I had an accident many times but that's her. she never got that before but she did last Sunday. she feel confused whether to tell me or not and she told me yesterday. am I get mad? NO, I felt so worry and I go to her house at that time. fractured nose, forehead stitched up by 9, bruises in the eyes, and blisters on feet. how can I imagine that things going on my best friend? 

I wish you get better soon, really soon. so we can go eat mie ayam near your junior high school again not only in your house like yesterday, we can go eat in popeye but maybe tomorrow will be in olive (they changed the name), and maybe we can go eat in waroeng steak. I wish you a looooooooooooooooot of health.

get well soon, my besties :* discipline to eat your medicine!

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4 Responses to “my best friends #1”

  1. yeni bukan yaaaa?

    lama gak kontak sama dia

  2. @Nurvirta Monarizqa:
    nggak dirawat dimana-mana mona, dia di rumah kok, tapi udah kuliah sekarang :)