APPS 2011 Yogyakarta

Welcome to Yogyakarta, to all our fellow Asia Pacific pharmacy students to Indonesia! We are thrilled to be the host of the 10th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium 2011 (APPS 2011) to be held right here in Yogyakarta, “Never ending asia”. This event is one of the highly-anticipated events held annually by the Asia Pacific Regional Office-International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (APRO-IPSF). We are all very excited because for the first time, the Pharmacy Students’ Gadjah Mada University have been granted the privilege to organize the APPS 2011!

Why join APPS? Obviously, it’s because APPS is a fun and great way for all of us, pharmacy students to discuss current issues related to the pharmacy profession during the plenary speeches by distinguished speakers, symposiums, forums and so on, as well as to interact with pharmacy students from different parts of the world. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to immerse yourselves in the rich local cultures and traditions (Don’t forget to indulge yourselves in the vast range of culinary delights, such as gudek, bakpia, soto etc.!). We believe that every participant will find the symposium useful in one way or another, either by gaining new knowledge or by making new acquaintances, in a friendly and supportive environment.

As the host, we will do our very best to ensure the success of APPS 2011 and hope all participants would bring back with them fond memories of times shared here in Indonesia. So, what are you waiting for? Register today, and see you in jogja! :D

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