Borneo: Paradise Under Siege

It's a must see video, especially INDONESIA!!!

It's included an old video cause it was upload July 14th, 2011 but maybe there's many people hasn't watch it, yet.

who don't know Borneo? the big green island in the northern of Java island that has a great great green rain forest and has an amazing colorful ecosystem. this is one of the giant contributor of oxygen in the world start to gone :(
cut down the trees without put a feeling when doing that thing. like never give an attention to what will happen in the future if they do that. that's really really bad thing!

because of the illegal logging that looks like a virus cancer that spread up above the ground and eat every tree around. if we're not stop it, the trees die, the ecosystem die, we die.


who made it?
the industrial and maybe the government. I put the government on because why they like didn't do anything about this problem. It's kinda legal if there's nothing to prevent them (the industrial). 

Bahkan sejak tahun 1990, tutupan hutan dataran rendah Sumatera dan Kalimantan berkurang terus tiap tahunnya hingga 41% (, 2011)
from that part of article, we know that the illegal loging start from 1990. we can imagine percentage of decreasing forest today. It's A LOT!

the solution?
  1. make the government do what they should do! but i don't know why the demo like didn't work at all.
  2. aware the people about the worth of rain forest, the ecosystem inside, and what will happen in the future.
  3. raise your children with the loving of environment and the assertiveness on keeping it.  

how sad I am watching that video :(
maybe this post can't help much but I try~

don't forget to watch the video!


Since 1980, the Indonesian government has used various methods to discorage the export of unprocessed logs, and since 1979, of raw rattan too, with semi-finished rattan exports prohibited since 1988. it has been encouraging, instead, value added domestic processing and finished-good industries. In late 1989, such high taxes were imposed on sawn-wood exports that this trade, too, is expected to phase itself out. The hope is that such measures will ensure the benefits of forest produce earnings and factory employment may at least flow more directly to the people of Indonesia itself.
Thus, Indonesia’s forests are important not only to the republic itself, but also to the world as a whole. Apart from their possible impact on world climate and the notorious greenhouse effect, they also represent a storehouse of genetic stock which may be needed at any time to strengthen cultivated strains or domesticated species elsewhere in the world.


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2 Responses to “Borneo: Paradise Under Siege”

  1. Kenapa pemerintah seperti tidak perhatian yahh dengan terjadinya pembalakan liar di Hutan Kalimantan??

  2. iya betul sekali. padahal orang asing saja peduli bahkan sangat peduli. atau jangan2 ada campur tangan dari pemerintah juga sehingga kalimantan seperti itu?