Day 1 – A picture of yourself with ten facts about you

This is Annisa Qisthia Fathdhieny, this is me :

1. Supel girl, haha. you never knew that I'm a totally unadaptable girl in my past >.<

2. Love photography, much much much.. and I started it with a "sky runner" wanna be :p

3. When I child, I looked like a Japanese girl because I have a narrow eyes, till now. but I think that I'm not looked like that anymore..   

4. Cheerful but sometimes moody :p

5. Love travelling! A world traveler wanna be!

6. Sometimes go somewhere alone and no one know where I am, that's fun! haha

7. Wanna make my body fatter, I just like never catch the 50, it's always stable on 46 47 48! >.<

8. Have a lotta accident experiences and I forgot how many it was :p

9. Wanna be a scientist and found something (medicine maybe) that really really useful to all people in this world..

10. Wanna have a lion or lions! rawr!

wait my day 2!

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