Day 2 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show

can you guess who or what the cast that I love? 
because I really really love it till now! haha

this is it!

who dunno this movie?
movie that have a long long long story but really really really great, it's like a ressurection of animation movie.

and legolas, first time I watched this movie and found him is like "WOW, HE'S COOL! REALLY COOL!". he was cool with his bow and arrow killing the enemies, and I just wanna see the next part if he was there, HAHA (stupid).

he was a part of the funny scene with i forgot who (the one that compete legolas to kill enemies) and made the movie not too stress up the spectators :p

and this is one of the funny parts:

so, this is a picture of the cast from my favorite show that make me love Orlando Bloom in every movies that he played...

see you on Day 3 :D

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