Day 4 – A picture of something you hate

I hate this? No..
I just don't really like if this situation happen~

cloudy, grey cloudy~
I don't really like it esp when I wanna go outside and actually I always spent my time outside, haha
umm, but different when I wanna stay at home, I choose this one :p

but, it will different when the situation being like this:

no sun shining bright, no day with smile, everything changes and everything is not going right~
it happened when Merapi errupted..
sad days, sad story, sad history..

but I can't hate it  because everything goes in it own ways..

HEY, i just remember, I have one thing that I hate, it is:

black liar

and when this thing happened, my heart is just like JLEB JLEB JLEB! >.<

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