self management

well, i wanna tell you something about what i learned yesterday.

in my faculty, i am the one of other participants in magang BEM and in the first procedure, we have to join the Latihan Dasar Organisasi (Basic Training of Organization). in this part, i got some tasks to enter the next program of LDO and one of them is mentoring. mentoring is a forum and inside of it we have to discuss about something that we need to do and we need to have in organization. this mentoring will be held 3 times in a month and yesterday i got the syllabus about what we will learn forward.    
in the first gathering, we discussed about self management. for me, self management is how we do professional steps or professional managements of our self about how we are in a environment to reach the goal. but other people may have other opinion about this.

there is some steps to manage our self. 
  1. we must have confidence. confidence can be divided in two parts: belief in God and self-confidence. now day, the most important thing that forgotten by human is God. belief in God is the very very very basic belief that actually must be kept in our self and we got lessons in our religion and it's always good because every religion teach their races to do good things not bad things. moreover, we must have self-confidence. we must have this to face the world but it must be positive. because if we do something good, we will get something good, too.
  2. we must know about who we are and what is our goal. to know about who we are, we can explore about what is our potential skills and we need to hone this. then, we must make a plan to reach what we want (goal) properly. if you fail to plan, you plan to fail -anonymous-
  3. execution (the action). after made a plan, we need to move forward and in ourselves we must have side of flexibility that responsible. in this step, in process control required for us to know how well we done every single move we did.
  4. evaluation. we need to evaluate how well we done in our steps. we need to learn form what we have did. if there is a problem, the root of the problem is ourselves. it's just like adult learning. adults learn from their experiences and if there is fault, they make it better by do not repeat it again.
  5. back to number 1, belief. after doing all that, we surrender the results to god. it's back to our belief.
everyone should be able to manage themselves to live this life cycle. if there is an error coming from our own and we should fix it.

*still learning to write in English, so please understand if a lot of mistakes in it :p

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