discipline and priority management

hello there, this is the second matter that I learned and discussed from my mentoring of LDO. do you remember what I wrote last month about my first meeting of mentoring? this is the continuation from self management with Mas Ajun inside as mentor, um, it's like a person who give the matters.

in this section I learned about discipline and priority management (like the title, right?)

discipline is an attitude that appropriate with the rules in ourselves and the system in our environment to reach the goal. now days, discipline is something that really hard to create because there are many factors that affect it. it's not just about ourselves that won't do something because our laziness, but also our environment that make us doing undisciplined things.

there are two factors that affect our discipline things: 
  1. external factor. this is that we usually called environment. bad environment and good environment. we must be certain if we live a life in a good environment we will be a good person, conversely. but that's not just about that, it's about our self management. when you have a good strong fortress, you never have to worry where you are, because what you get from that environment would be pre-screened according to yourself.
  2. internal factor. there are three things that include in this factor. who are they? they are fear, identification, and identity. fear makes us appear our discipline. like if you afraid with your sins, you will always do good things. identification is like when we amazed someone, we just like, um, i wanna be like him/her, but it's still in a discipline fence. identity, this is the basic. if you have a discipline characters inside yourself, you will be discipline in every move that you take.
and then, I got priority management, too

we have a lot of things to do in this world and that's all make our world more complicated! we all need to have is priority management. priority management related with multitasking, that's something that will be more complicated if we stay in our place and doing nothing with them because some of them or all of them has a deadline in the same time. umm, how's that? 

there are four groups of priority management:
  1. important and urgent things
  2. important but not urgent things
  3. not important but urgent things
  4. not important and not urgent things
that's up to you to grouping what you wanna do but afford to make it using your rational mind. everyone has their thought about that and usually that's not same as with what you have, so, make it rational! and to make it come true, you must have and have to have the discipline management. because, if you not obey your priority management with your discipline attitude, it's just like a bullshit moment.

*still learning to write in English, so, please understand if a lot of mistakes in it, hehe 

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