love is patience

am I?

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6 Responses to “love is patience”

  1. yes you should, Qisty-chan :)

    patience is the key to almost everything in this world, including love :)

    you will find it, or it will find you, or you will 'reunite', who knows?

    do the best, and keep praying :)

  2. yes it is :D
    okay, Mas Puguh and thanks :)

  3. you are welcome :)

    like my friend told me, "i you don't move forward, you die"

    whether your path you're walking into is right or wrong, it does not matter (you should know this more than me because the right quotation is posted in the screen of your laptop, right?) :)

  4. yaaa, like henry fold said :)

    keep moving forward because the time will never wait you! :D

  5. "keep moving forward"

    ada di halaman persembahan skripsiku tuuh :)

  6. yeah ! I believe this one :D
    and I should do the same, hahaha

    btw, maaf ga bisa baca smuanya >.<
    ada banyak banget..jadi bingung mo baca yang mana hehehe. maklum, waktu terbatas neee