waiting is one thing that exist on my hate-lists.
it's just like make you doing nothing for a looooong moment.
*originally made by me with samsung digital camera and adobe photoshop CS5 :)
**model: my cousin's cat. i got it from my bedroom's window. she's photogenic, right? :D

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5 Responses to “mmm....”

  1. menunggu siapa qis????

  2. coba deh tanya kucingnya, kan yang nunggu kucingnya :p

  3. semalem aku ketiduran :p

    waiting is absolutely boring
    a thing to test our patience
    if could overcome that thing
    we will surely be a better person

    hehe :)

    so, while "waiting", make ourself useful by reading something :D

  4. yaaa, that's the point, actually :D
    reading naked traveler, haha

  5. wahahaha

    wah kena deh! :p