babies film

I just watched babies and it kinda documenter film about that. this movie takes place in Namibia, Japan, Mongolia, and San Francisco, and they have different way to raised up their children from the birth until they can walk.

in Namibia, I'm really sure that you'll feel like what-the-- when you watch that. Ponijao, her baby's name, grow in the dirty area, full of flies, and never took a bath and I'm really remember how she (her mom) rubs his pup in her leg to clean up her baby's bottom, that's so I-UH but she loves him very much.

in Japan, everything's like 180 degree from opposite from Ponijao. Mari-chan, the baby's name, grow in the advanced region, really clean, dressed well, and she took a bath, haha. her parents very concerned about her and the San Francisco's baby's story, Hattie, is same like her.

in Mongolia, Bayar, the baby's name, grow up in the local farms. his mother take care of him but sometimes she don't know that Bayar's brother do cruel thing to him because she must concerned to her livestock while his husband work in the city.

old pict :p
the film make me think, how my parents raise me up until now. I do sure that they do the best thing for me. 

oooh, thanks to my Mom and my Dad. big HUG and a lot of kisses, I do love you so much :*

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4 Responses to “babies film”

  1. i have not seen this movei yet, although i have downloaded it^^

    maybe next week :D

    it is a good documentary movie, right?

  2. i'll give you a copy for this movie if you want :)
    hahaha, yes, it's good to know what way will you take to raise your child :D

  3. i already have the copy of this documenter, but i have not watched it yet :)

    *busi :p

  4. hahaha watch it! and you'll find something nasty from a part of it :p