my mom's status

hmm, I can't pretend how much I need and I love her, her love, her touch, her hug, and her attention. anything else? a lot but I couldn't say it because it'll waste a lot of page..

and this is for me, I know it..

thanks Mom, for that showing love, I love you and I need you really really bad :* :) :D

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5 Responses to “my mom's status”

  1. hanya aku yang tahu, hehe :)

    ibuku ngasih aku nasihat, itu salah satu caranya menunjukkan cintanya kepada anaknya :D

  2. co cwiiiiiitz... betul, dengan berpisah, kita lebih tahu arti dari keberadaan orang yg kita sayang...

  3. iyaaa, bener sekali. dan aku beruntung diingatkan oleh Ibuku :)

  4. wah boleh jugaa..^^