'halo matahari' moment

the sky is so damn beautiful now on! pokoknya don't miss it! subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah :D

I now it from my big brother, he sent me a text that said to looked up the sky at that time, but I saw it from the wrong angle and don't know what's going on, haha. but I already captured it by my camera :p

wrong angle, but it's also beautiful :D
so, I'm back with my activities and some texts come again and said same thing but that's more clearly. they said that it was a rainbow around the sun. WOW! I take my camera and go outside. 

most holy God with all His creation... suddenly, I shudder (good meaning).

and do you know what is that? I search in google and got it from some source.
Halo, in the language and Latin writing ἅλως, also called a nimbus or gloriole. it is an optical phenomenon that displays a ring around the source of light. In nature we usually see during a full moon or the sun bright in the daytime.
This  phenomenon occurs due to reflection and refraction of light from the sun/moon by ice crystals found in cirrus clouds, clouds that lie in the levels of the atmosphere called the troposphere, approximately 5-10 km from the earth's surface.
Halo is an optical phenomenon of a circle of light around the sun or moon light sources. Halo phenomenon is like a rainbow circle around the sun.
in Padang, peoples believe if the halo phenomenon occurred, an earthquake will happen in Padang. but, whatever will happen, only Allah knows :)

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2 Responses to “'halo matahari' moment”

  1. firstly

    i wondered why people staring to the sky, then i decided to look, too^^

    and it was amazing, truly made by The Greatest :)

  2. hahaha everyone looked up to the sky! but if I didn't get the text, I will not know..